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Your ideas won't build themselves.
Let's work on them together.

Who can participate?

Basically everybody, but for now, it's limited to a smaller group of people. If you're interested in joining, enter your details below, and we'll contact you. If you know somebody that you think would be a good fit or can contribute, share this website with them :)

How do I participate?

There are several ways to participate in the group. The most common is by sharing your or contributing to someone else's idea. If you see an idea you like and have the knowledge and time to contribute, you can also contact the "owner" and figure out the details on how to proceed. You can also suggest a solution or comment to improve an idea.

How do I add my idea?

Once invited to the group, you can add your idea using a predefined Template. Add more details on the idea's page. The details can be only a line/paragraph of what the idea is about, but it can also include images, links, snippets of code or anything else you think will help get the idea trough.

What then?

This is where the fun part begins. If you believe in your or someone else's idea, start building it. If someone has already started building it, get in touch and coordinate how and where you can help. You can also ask for a status update and if available, test what's built and give honest feedback and improvement suggestions.

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